Love Is Everywhere

I read it once somewhere saying it was not true that a person is absolutely alone in this world with no one cares for him. It explains that if God really love us, then I am one hundred percent sure that God will not let us to be alone an unloved in this world. Someone might feel absolutely alone by his own choice actually. He shut his eyes so that he cannot all the love surround him any longer. He chooses to be alone.

Alone in a new country, which has totally different culture from my own and separated thousand miles from my family sometime I did feel alone.

In my bad days, some times I even thought about how about something terrible happened to me here, no one will know, no one will notice it. My family will have to wait for days or weeks before the news reach them. Sometime I thought, it just like in the movie, somebody died and it takes days and weeks before people began to notice about it.

Then I tried to just open my eyes to all the things around me. And it made me surprised to see that there was so much love around me actually. I felt a never ending of God love to me.

When I was waiting for a bus with no knowledge that I had missed the last bus, a middle age gentleman came to me. He told me that I had missed the bus. If it was not for him, I might have been waiting there for hours.

When I was hungry and had only a view dollar left in my pocket, a burger king cashier gave me an extra burger and fries.

When my friends and I lost due to a bus ride adventure, the bus driver did not ask to pay for the tickets. Our faces must have say it all, “We are hungry, tired, and lost. Please help us.”

When it was late at night, a kind homeless gentleman stopped the bus for me so I would not miss it. He might have see me running fast, trying to catch the bus.

When I was alone and kind of jealous to a father and son who wait the same bus with me (I missed my father back home). The son looked at me and smiled. Then he began to sing, “I’m a tea cup…”. The father felt embarrassed by his son act, but it made me feel better.

When I was trying to catch a bus, knowing it was impossible since it still meters before I reached the bus stop, the bus driver stopped beside me and opened the door.

When I attended a concert and get sandwiched from people around me, someone stepped behind me and protected me.

When I read an address and get confuse, someone pop his head from behind me asking if I need help.

When I felt unnoticed by people around me, an elderly began to flirt with me, like a grandfather I never known.

When my visa expired just one day before my graduation day, the immigration officer I met added three more days for me.

There are still many of it. If I just keep going the list will go and go, it never ends. There is always love around me. I do not know who they are all, but they have give me love. God shows His love through this people. God takes a good care of me.

I pray that everyone might see the love that surrounds him as well. I pray that everyone could feel that God love for him always. I pray that everyone will open their eyes always to see all the good things God has for them.


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