I’m not a hero

I was a popular person for a week. My name and my story were on the headline of national and local news. They all said that I was hero, by saving a baby boy from a car accident. To be honest, I didn’t feel like a hero at all because any body else can do what I had done given the chance and condition.

You see, at the day when I “save” the baby boy life, I just received a double blow. My alcoholic mother had just told me for thousands times that she wished it was me who died in the plane crashed instead of my big brother. Then my drunk father, also add another spice to it by punching me because I dropped his bottle. I was up to the point to believe that I was really useless and nothing special.

Then I heard the crash and went out just to see my neighbors were standing near a car wreck. When I got closer, I could hear a baby screaming inside the car. And when I could get a close look, I saw a baby boy was crying on the back seat while the mother was bleeding everywhere. I thought she was already dead.

“Oh God”, I thought, “that baby could be our future president and now he was trapped and this car with his dead mom. Besides I already have my fourteen years of life if I die, now the baby have not even a year of life.”

I just could not let the baby die. My neighbors were trying to get inside the car and save the baby, but they were just too big. So I offered my help, and they had no other choice but to accept it since I was the smallest one there.

They help me to climb in the car. There I held the baby boy and tried to sooth him. It was not an easy task for me, because baby was very small and I had never held one. I also realized that baby’s mom was still alive though she was really in a very critical condition. I held the baby until paramedic came and took over.

After that, people would stop by and say hello to me. Some would go further by thanking me for what I had done. Actually, this experience was kind of funny to me.

I mean if you were fourteen years old, having some one elder to stop by and chat with you as if you are an important person will make you feel funny. Especially, when you used to hear your parents telling you that you are useless and not worthy. Well, up to this day I still cannot picture me as a hero.

But I do know that I was special because it was me who God chose to hold the baby inside the car accident. Just like what grandpa used to say to me when I was a kid. “Justin, these things you should remember in your life. God love you very much and you are a special person to him. Since you are special, He have a special task that only you can do it”


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