turning point

A friend of my sister has just made a turning point in her life. After graduated and become a doctor, she just realized to be a doctor is not what she wants for her life. She left behind all the hard work and now she will be a make-up artist.

The bible is also full of examples about people who made a turning point.

There was Abraham who decided to leave his home and brought his family to an unknown land.

There was Moses who decided to lead his people out from Egypt after his encounter with God.

There was Ruth who decided to follow her mother in law to a place where she would be a stranger.

There was Pete who leaved his job as fisherman and become the apostle of Jesus.

There was Saul who changed his name into Paul and become Jesus follower.

It is take a lot of courage to make a turning point from what seems to be a stable and comfortable path to another direction, which is unknown.

I wonder, will I ever have the courage to leave my job and start another job that I like most? Will I able to make the right turning point in my life? Will I have the courage to leave everything I have, including my stable life to the path unknown for Jesus only?


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