There were four kids who are deep in discussion about who might be the best super hero is.

The first kid said to his friends, “The best superhero is Spiderman. He is so cool. He can jump from one building to another easily.”

The second kid disagreed and said, “No, you are wrong. The best superhero is Superman. He is so strong, unbeatable, and best of all, he can fly.”

The third kid had another idea about the best super hero. “I disagree with both of you. Spiderman and Superman are just a lie. They are never exist. The closest thing to our real world is Batman because he is just an ordinary man.”

Finally the fourth kid whom just listening to his friends before state his opinion too. “I say the real and best super hero is Jesus Christ. He was once lived long time ago, so He is real and not a lie. He can walk on water, I think that much more cooler than jumping from one building to another. He was also an ordinary man because He died long time ago. And the best part of it, no other super hero can rose people form death or even rose himself from death other than Jesus.”

Well, who is your super hero?


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