I Hate Rats!!!

I work in the “RATS” office building; a building located somewhere on Sudirman Street – South Jakarta. When my office first move in to the Rats Building, I never really paid a close attention to what my CEO says about “BEWARE OF THE RATS!!!!!”, or “RATS IS EVERYWHERE !!!” Of course I realized there’re really a lot of rats in the building. You can hear the rats marathon or sprint contest up in the office ceiling almost every evening. But as long as the rats are invisible, I’m still have no objection to that.

Until about a month ago, some rats (or maybe one rat) had decide a new adventure route accross my desk to my drawer. (This is really a lot of “thanks” to someone that has design the office, the desk has a little way for rats to get into the drawer.) What a “pleasant” surprise I had in the morning when I opened my drawer and saw all the left over from last night rats party in my drawer (Especially the left over from the rats in house production. The smell is totally YUCK :(( ) There were enough trace for CSI teams to investigate who the culprit were.

I spend almost one hour in the morning to clean up my drawer 😦 I throw away almost everything I kept in the drawer. I didn’t care anymore whether those paper were still important or not. I didn’t want to touch them any more. My mind was full of all the diseases caused by rats. If I could, I probably had wash my hand and my desk with antiseptic after cleaning up my drawer.

Now. I don’t care anymore about my company rule about clean desk policy: employee are not allowed to have other things than monitor, keyboard , and mouse after work. – other things must be put inside the drawer. After the rats visit, I just put all my staff on my desk top and let my drawer empty

The rats visited my drawer for two days, and thanks God I don’t have another visit until today. But today, I dislike mickey mouse because it is a mouse. I think Cinderella is not a good example because rats are her friends. Ratatouille is a real bad movie because the main character is rat. Stuart little is not cute because it is a mouse. I know, I make some people really angry for my “rats” opinion. I just read in the news paper just about two weeks ago that nowadays, in some country people are having rats as they pets. WOW!!! I still can’t bring myself to touch rats, LETS ALONE to make it my pets. URGH..

For me, God create rats so that some people can invent rats control and have a living from that and also for labs experimental. Praise to Lord anyway.


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