Traffic Jam, Driver, Car and Christian

Living in Jakarta means a daily traffic jam in the morning and evening (except for a few days before and after Lebaran holiday). It just looks like every car in Jakarta trying to get their place on the street in the morning or afternoon. Being trapped in a traffic jam sometimes is a good thing. I have a lot of to think or pray (especially when 24 hours a day feels like not enough).

One day trapped in a traffic jam in the evening, I noticed a car with a big sign “STUDENT” at the top of the car. “Ah a new comer!!” I thought. “Welcome to the jungle” I cheer her silently. I remembered, in the morning I also see a new comer. The car was sometimes to left or too right from the street lane. It also too slow for other driver. This new comer always make other driver going nuts. About four years ago, I was among the new comer. I frightened to death the first time I have to drive. Everything is scary. I was afraid of red light, traffic jam, high way, other car, motor bike, and even the pedestrian. I almost gave up learning. Until my sister told me that experience make perfection. After that, even when my car was hit by bus, it still did not stop me from driving. This new comer might want to say, “Sorry, if I’m makes you nuts. But please be patient. I will pass this step sooner or later.”

Now thinking about new comer, a new reborn Christian sometimes also likes the new driver. Afraid of everything, unsure whether they have chosen the right path. Some times, they also drive other people nuts with their question and needs for consultation. The newborn Christian might also say, “Forgive me when I’m troubling you. Please be patient with me.”

Then I saw a bus and the driver. Just like in the rush hour in Jakarta, the bus was crowed with people coming home from work. There was almost no space to standing in the bus. This bus driver has so many he is responsible for. First of course the life of the people in the bus, then he is to follow the regulation, he has to meet the daily minimum payment, and so on. So many of them are not patient at all. They race with each other in order to get the most people on their bus.

I remember, a church pastor also like a bus driver. He has to prepare the mass every Sunday. He has to make sure the church can still be going for another day. So many needs for prayer. And most of all, he has to guide his people to find the right path to God. (remember there are lot of church that claim to be Christian but in fact is not). Sadly, many church leaders also has forgotten the “guidance” part and now just looking for to become the biggest or richest churchL.

Another driver I saw is the truck driver especially the big truck. They are the most patient driver on the street. Seldom they try to pass other cars, normally, they always give way for other car to pass them. They never to try to zigzag on the street. They drive slowly and carefully. People pay a little attention to this truck driver, most of them (including me) try to avoid driving behind a truck – mainly because we cannot see anything in front of us and also because truck is really slow).

There are many people like the truck driver in church. People we tends to forget or ignore yet in reality they are so important to us. I feel ashamed, I seldom pay attention to the church guard. But they always stay to their duty. My car is always secure during Sunday mass.

A car passed beside me, a blue taxi. In my mind, I tried to calculate how many passenger they met in the taxi today. What conversations they might have? Imagine if the taxi driver is a Christian. How many chance he have to talk about Jesus to passenger?

I made a quick reflection about myself. In my 25 years life, I still can make a quick count with my ten fingers about people to whom I have the word of God. Can I still call myself a good Christian?

Now the road was not too crowded anymore. At least my car speed is not from 0 km/h to 20 km/h anymore. I could go to 4 km/h to 60 km/h speed. I noticed two cars, not new comer definitely, but the cars were driven like a new comer. Very slow, and almost not on the right lane. I speed up a little bit. A ha… one is talking on the phone, and the other one is watching TV show from the car TV.

I tried to find the comparison between these two driver and Christian. What does an “experience” driver but acting like a new comer compare with? Well ……. I remember, sometimes in my about 15 years as Christian, I act just like a baby. A little problem will make me question “Do God really exist? Jesus is real or just a lie? (To my shame, the “problem” that make me question God sometimes were just a difficult exam or a hard day at work). 15 years as Christian, I should not be a baby anymore. I should have believed God is with me in everything.

DIN !!!! DIN !!!!

I was surprised, a car try to pass my car impatiently. I gave him room to pass my car. Afterward the car started to zigzag again then in just a few seconds, I could not see the car anymore.

I don’t have to think hard to make this comparison. My prayer often filled with all that I want. Lord grants my family health. Lord helps me to pass the examination. Lord helps to find job. Lord helps me to get increase in my salary. Lord helps me so the prospective client will like my presentation. My pray is always an “I” think. I forget to say thank you to my Lord. I forget to worship my Lord. I forget about other people. In other words, I forget to love my God and other people more than I love my family and myself.

Oopss, I almost forget to take the right turn. I can see my house at the corner of the street. Now reflection time is over. Thank you Lord for Your teaching.


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