Imagine God as a Father

I remember about couple of months ago, the Sunday school topic is imagining God as a father. It’s not imagining actually, because God is truly our heavenly father and also our eternal father. It’s not a difficult to imagine God as our father. You know, just imagine how good our father is and adding more amazing nature of God. (Some time father can make mistake, but God will never make a mistake) However, some people find it’s really difficult to imagine God as their father – especially those who come from a divorce family or have an abusive father.

I am so blessed that I don’t have any difficulty to imagine God as my father. I could make some point about what God natures are for being a father. They are:

  1. Father will know what is best for us. So I can understand why I can’t get all things in my list fulfilled.
  2. Father is gentle, he will take care of me when I’m sick (well at least in my family it’s my father responsibility to take care of the sick kids)
  3. Father will never leave us alone. He will always be at our side to protect us and to stand for us. You know you’ll have someone to rely on. So never push father away.
  4. This is related to number 3. Father is also an excellent teacher. He will teach us patiently and correct us when we make mistake.
  5. Father understands us even when we don’t speak it up – He knows what in our hearts and mind. It just like the Christmas song, “He knows you whether your naughty or not.” (Did I get the lyrics right?)
  6. Father can be our friends too. (I know it by my father example – when I don’t have friends to accompany me to shop my father will always agree to accompany me)
  7. Father also will never hesitate to give us “lesson” just to bring us to the right track again. The “lesson” some time can be painful though.

Some verse (in Indonesia)

“Sebab itu janganlah kamu khawatir dan berkata: Apakah yang akan kami makan? Apakah yang akan kami minum? Apakah yang akan kami pakai? Semua itu dicari bangsa-bangsa yang tidak mengenalAllah. Akan tetapi Bapamu yang disorga tahu bahwa kamu memerlukan semua itu.” (Matius 6:31-32)

“Sebab kamu tidak menerima roh perbudakan yang membuat kamu takut lagi, tetapi kamu telah menerima Roh yang menjadikan kamu anak Allah. Oleh Roh itu kita berseru: “ya Abba, ya Bapa!” (Roma 8:15)

“Dan segala sesuatu yang kamu lakukan dengan perkataan dan perbuatan lakukanlah semuanya itu dalam nama Tuhan Yesus, sambil mengucap syukur oleh Dia kepada Allah, Bapa kita.” (Kolose 3:17)

“Ucapkanlah syukur senantiasa atas segala sesuatu dalam nama Tuhan kita Yesus Kristus kepada Allah dan Bapa kita.” (Efesus 5:20)

“Jadi jika kamu yang jahat tahu memberi pemberian yang baik kepada anak-anakmu, apalagi Bapamu yang disorga! Ia akan memberikan yang baik kepada mereka yang meminta kepada-Nya.” (Matius 7:11)

“Lihat, betapa besarnya kasih yang dikaruniakan Bapa kepada kita, sehingga kita disebut anak-anak Allah, dan memang kita adalah anak-anak Allah.” (1 Yohanes 3:1a)

“Dan sudah lupakah kamu akan nasihat yang berbicara kepada kamu seperti kepada anak-anak: “Hai anakku, janganlah anggap enteng didikan Tuhan, dan janganlah putus asa apabila engkau diperingatkan-Nya;” (Ibrani 12:5)


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