A little girl prayer

– Day 1 –

Dear Lord,

Forgive because i’m not a good girl today. But please don’t punish me because mom already had. She punished me to wash plate after dinner and to clean the back yart.

Its all because when I playing with Jack in the living room we broke one of gramp favourite vase and because i’m afraid i said to mom it was Jack who did it and I was playing outside. Mom said she has two reason to punish me. One, because I know I should not playing with Jack in the living room, and since Jack is only a dog he will not the rule. Two, because I had tell a lie.Lord, since Mom did not punish Jack, You could punish him a bit but not too much

Lord, what is a lie? Mom said when people something thats not true than it is a lie. And according to mom, I should ask for your forgiveness because lying is a sin. So now, will You forgive me?


– Day 2 –

Dear Lord,

Today in the church, I know mom said a lie when the usher asked her whether the seat next to her is taken or not. Mom said yes, the seat is for dad but he was in the toilet. I know Dad was not in the toilet. DAD was not come to service at all. Mom save a seat beside her to put her bag.

So I guess, telling a lie in the church is not sin. Next time I will be remembered it, when I want to say something that’s not true. Thank You for teaching me this.



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