Why don’t you let Me to help?

As much as I love my parents, there is still one or two habbits that I don’t like from them. One of the habbit I don’t like most is my parents tend to ‘ignore’ their 3 daughters. Its not neglect. They just seems not to want share their worry, their problen with us. They always want to solve everything by themself. Some how, I feel that my parents has forgotten that all of us has grown up. They forget that we do really love it if they want to share their trouble with us or sometime ask for our help. In my opinion, they should involve their daughter more in decission making. And they should at least try to let us to help them. I mean why they can ask other relatives to help them but they can’t ask us to help them?

But who am I to make judgement for my parents? “Don’t judge or you shall be judge”, said Jesus. I remember, as Christian, I also sometime have forgotten that Jesus is there for me. I tend to try to do anything by myself. And when everything begin to fall apart and become messy, I start to look for Jesus and expect Him to clean up the mess I made.

In my mind, I start to think Jesus turn to me and said, “Am I cleaning service? It will easier to consult and do it together with Me since the beginning. Trust me, it will be less painful then asking me to clean up all the mess and pick up the broken item. And guess what, I’ve been waiting for You to ask Me to help you. I will be happy to help you.”

So I think, I before dislike my parents habbit, I have to dislike mine too. I have to lean on Jesus and let Him take over my self rather then trying to stand on my own.


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