Bruce Lee

After a friend at work just became a father, we’re discussing about his baby first name and family name (because not everyone in my country give family name to their child, so the “family name” can be made up either from first name or last name). Five minute later, the new father decided that first name will be first name and the last name will be family name.
“No, it’s still confusing”, said my other friend, “Chinese people put their family name at the front.”
“Really???”, said the new father. Then he asked me, “Is it true?”, and I nod. “I just know it. What your family name then?”
“Lee”, I answered.
My other friend replied, “Then you are a relatives of Jet Lee and Bruce Lee.”
“NO!!!!”, the new father interrupted. “You said Chinese family name is at the front of the name then Bruce Lee family name is BRUCE !!!!”


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