Hardware Failure

Helpdesk : FYI. The application is down.
Operational : OK … I’ll check it.

(A moment later)
Operational : What happens with the Database? The application cannot connect to it.
DBA 1 : Hhmmmm…. Give me a minute. I’ll check it.
Operational : Ok. Thanks.
(DBA 1 talk to DBA 2 who had just from DB server room)
DBA 1 : I’ve got report that one of the application cann’t connect to db.
DBA 2 : ….. enggg…. Wait a moment
(DBA 2 running back to DB server room)

(2 minutes later, DBA 1 check DBA 2 in the server room. DBA 2 was really busy checking all the cables)
DBA 1 : What’s happen?
DBA 2 : You should help me…. I unplugged the main cable accidently.
DBA 1 : The problem is because the cable is unplugged???
DBA 2 : help me to restart all the DB … please …

(10 minutes later)
Operational : So??? Is is big problem?
DBA 1 : No … its a verrryyy little problem. It just take time.
Operational : What’s the cause?
DBA 1 : Wait…. I’m busy.

(40 minutes later)
DBA 1 : Now … it’s solve.
Operational : Thanks a lot.Btw … what’s the cause — for report?
DBA 1 : engggg…. Technically, it’s because DBA 2 has unplugged the cable.
Operational : Your not kidding, right?
DBA 1 : No … So we need time to restart all DB and its take time.
Operational : Ha… ha… Ok … we’ll left it for your dept. to explain then.

(1 day later)
Report sent to customers which explaining that yesterday there is hardware failure that cause the application cannot connect to DB server.


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