Nugget … Dendeng …. Rice … Declare or Not Declare ????

Sent by the offices to overseas for training or meeting is almost everyone dream in my office. The secretaries have arranged everything to make the trip easier for the worker. Business class flight, hotel and transport expenses, daily allowance, visa and passport. In the schedule, most of the employees will have a day or two days of for sightseeing. Some employees even ask for extension so they can explore more.

However with all the arrangement, it seems that my office has forgotten one thing. They forgot to brief the employee what are allowed to bring into the country or what are not allowed.

One day, the boss sent three of my colleague to overseas for one week training. These three collegues had been busied for days planning for this trip. They DID NOT plan the training or training preparation. They were busy preparing what to bring, where they will go since they ask for extension, and how to reduce the cost during the extension.
At last, all preparation were final and they have the trip.

They passed the immigration but they have problem in the custom. Under the list of declared items there is Chicken nugget, dendeng, rice, etc … None of them can speak in the local language, and nerve had make their english hard to understand. Lucky for them, the boss husband was in the same flight with them, hence he could help them get through the custom declaration. But the husband also tell this story to her wife and word spread fast in the office — They were a picnic in the hotel with nugget, rice and dendeng.


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