Superman underwear

It was suppose to be a formal meetings where the consultant will explain new business process to the customer. The meetings is in English, because both the consultant and the client come from different country.

In the meeting, when trying to explain some confusing business process, the consultant had drawn an upside down triangle. One of the customer who already had enough headache, instantly saw the triangle as underwear and she said it out loud in the her mother language. Her remarks made the other who understand the language laughing so hard. First, they tried to hide the smile and laugh. However, it didn’t work and they were all laughing so hard until the consultant confusingly asked them “Is there something wrong?”.

Did not want to make the consultant feld offended, someone explained, “I’m sorry but your picture looks like Superman Underwear”. Now after that everyone see the picture as Superman underware and laughing so hard until they cried while the consultant frantically trying to minimize or change the superman underwear image without success because the drawing was made on paper not on the white board.


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