Financial Crisis

At first, it seemed as a little crisis in far .. far away from my country. Then months later, the world market seemed to be turn up side down because of the crisis. It has affected my country stock exchange market too, but yet it still looks like distance away.

Suddenly 2 days ago, my father tell us, his daughters, that the company is in crisis because of this situation. The company cannot pay its debt and is closing to be bankcrupt. Now, everything is on red alert and stressful. I never realize that this financial crisis is actualy so close to me.

He also asks my sister assistance to read the agreement and reschedule the debt. This is something new. My dad never asks her daughter for assistance. He will do everything by himself. He keep his tought for his alone. And leave us, the daughters to be blinded.

My sister, as a lawyer, read the agreement and surprised. She said that why my dad never ask her to do it before. Many thing can be avoided, if my dad had asked her to read the agreement before signing it. The point is my sister is lawyer and my dad never asks for her help. It is such a waste. But it’s already to late to complaint now. We could only try to fix the damage and lean on the heavenly Dad.

A debt with amount that I’ve never imagined before, and with a home loan that still need to paid until 2011. Honestly, I don’t know what I can do for this. Neither does anybody else in the family. But I know, I still have my heavenly Dad to lean on.

Leaning on my heavenly Dad, then I remember. Maybe I’m a waste to for Him. Looks, He has provided me everything I want. College degree, good job, travelling overseas. And yet beside being Sunday school teacher, how many people have I bring to Him? ONLY 2 – my parents. And it was a joint venture project between my sister and I. What a waste. I met many people during the trip, at work, or else and I only manage to bring 2 people before Him.


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