As body needs blood to deliver oxygen and food to its organ, Lampung needs coffee bean for breathing and for the heart to function. Sadly, Lampung just has a heart attact because it has eat badly recently. Lampung become sick, very sick. It only lay down motionless. The heart is working very slowly, still waiting for the cardiologist to arrive.

Since Lampung is sick, all the organ receive the impact as well. Without Coffe bean, the organ suffers from malnutrition. One of the organ is my family. It is not a great organ like brain, heart or liver. Yet it still suffers from malnutrition.

When I first hear about the malnutrition, I thought one pill of suplement and multivitamin will be enough to cure it. Well, I was wrong. It turns out to be acute malnutrition. Maybe it needs to be hospitalized.

Shock … Panic … Depress …

That my first reaction when I heard it was actually acute malnutrition.

After a quick count in my head, I realized that we don’t have enought suplement or multivitamin to cure the decease.


The quickest way is ABANDON SHIP as my colleague used to say. But how could we abandon ship? I’m 100% sure that abandon ship is not God words.


We need to find another source for suplement and multivitamin. An external source. Without interest, without due date.


In fairy tales, drama, love story, etc, when the princess is under debt and has no other way suddenly prince charming will come. Claiming (or forcing) his love and rescue the princess. Then the princess will fall in love to price charming too. (Who will not fall in love to some one who is willing to pay the debt free of charfe? The princess is kind of gold digger) And they will live happily ever after.

Back to reality ….

It’s real life – not a fairy tale or drama when the author can write the story and decide the conclusion.

I don’t have physical prince charming yet. But I do have real prince charming though I cann’t see Him and only can feel Him. And I know my prince charming will rescue me.

Depression …


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