Indoor vs. Outdoor

I always tought I can mix easily between indoor and outdoor activity. I’m absolutely sure I’m not the big city girl type.

I came from a little town with no movie theatre, shopping mall or swimming pool (even until current day).
I don’t go to a fancy school that over bilingual mandarinlanguage course . My school is always muddy during the rainy season. And the roof leak always give nightmare to the teachers because they have to cancel test or classes. I didn’t know what computer is or looks like. I didn’t know who Doraemon or Mc Gyver is. I didn’t know what barbie is.

Then just a couple of day, my company have an outbond and camping night for the employees. The location is in Sukabumi, West Java at Tanahkita camp site. It is a five star camp site. The complex is neat and clean. It has shower and hot water. But for me, it still outdoor. And to make things worse, its also rainy season. The ground became muddy and its really yucks to me. I lost counts how many times I have to wash my feet and then step up in the mud again. At night another things start to bother me. Bug … flying… They are attracted to the lights. I close (zip) my tent as close as possible to avoid them. Mosquito repellent cream was my best friend during the night.

And about the outbond. The place is beautiful. Near a lake. But the public toilet is not very good and clean. There, my body had just develop auto reject system. I just didn’t feel the urgency to need it. And it’s rainy day. We’re kind of mixing in the mud. My shoes was ruin. My clothes colour had turn to brown. Even my blue hat had turn to brown. I was relieve when all the game is over.

Now … I know .. I’m not the outdoor activity type girl. I don’t like it when its sunny. I don’t like it when it rainy either. I don’t like step in the mud. I don’t like sleeping in the camp. I cannot use the bath room when it’s not five star hotel standard. Well maybe, I’m just a city girl and definitely indoor activity type girl.


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