What To Be Expected in 2010

2009 has soon will be over. Some major note and this year are :

1.Delta and Northwest merger

2.new TrueBlue program from JetBlue that is revenue based

3.EU has lifted its ban for Indonesian flight in mid 2009.

4.Garuda Indonesia is now 60 years old.

5.Some airlines is still struggling with financial difficulties, some has reported a positive report, while some are not affected at all.

What will happen in 2010? Here are some of the item to be expected next year

New Rapid Rewards (nickname Rapid Rewards 2.0) from Southwest

The new Rapid Rewards is projected will be ready by mid 2010 according to Southwest’s director of customer loyalty, Ryan Green. Will the new program will be revenue based following JetBlue and Virgin America? Will it mileage based? Or a combination of both? There is no information about it. However one thing is certain, the program is not a “fee” program.

Unlimited Domestic Upgrade from United Airlines

A quote from the United site:

“Your upgrade experience is about to get easier: beginning in the second quarter of 2010, for elite members, an upgrade request will automatically be placed on your behalf when you purchase any published domestic fare for travel on United or United Express”


Since JAL announce its financial difficulty, rumors and talks are already flying around. How JAL will be rescued? Will it be merged with ANA as the rumors? Will it leave oneworld and join SkyTeam instead?

Let fly outspace with Virgin Galactic

Even though the passenger flight is by 2011 – 2012, but better hurried up for booking the flight since its only can take 6 passengers for each flight and there are already a long passenger list. The ticket will cost you “only” US$200,000,-.

From the domestic are:

Garuda Indonesia Flight to Amsterdam

The Indonesia flight ban is lifted in mid 2009. The new plane with the upgraded in-flight service (compare to the old plane) is ready. Garuda Indonesia has promised the first flight by mid 2010. Will it meet the customer, especially the EU customer ? Lets wait and see.

Garuda Indonesia become member of SkyTeam

The talk is already there since 2009, let just hope it really there in 2010. There are absolutely a lot of homework for Garuda for joining SkyTeam, and I hope they can finish all of them in 2010.


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