Sport, Gym and Faith

I’ve never been a sport fan. I don’t like exercise either. I hate sweat. Ever since I was in the kindergarten, gymnastic is my weakest subject. I always get a red mark for the subject. My basket ball records is 3 ball in 3 minutes compare to the average records in my class which is 15. (for your note, this record is only for how many ball can I throws at the rings in 3 minutes). My only exercise is walking aroung the mall a.k.a shopping.

Nevertheless, I always thought I’m in good condition and perfect health. I seldom get sick. I’m in a good shape (according to my opinion). Until one day, I made one of the craziest decission in my life. I become a gym member. Two weeks after joining, I’m still thinking I’m OK. But that was before I made another crazy decision. I hire a personal trainer (PT). She gave me lot of test to see my condition. And then it was a nighmare. I cann’t jog. I cann’t do push up for even 1 minutes of time. 5 minutes cycling and I almost pass out. My diagnosis is still far, far away from the word “FIT”. To make things worse, she said, I have a weak back and core (hence I cann’t wear high heel).

Two months afterwards, with a lot of torturing from my PT, I begin to realize the difference between exercise or not. I cann’t say I’m in good shape anymore. Now, I still cann’t do pushup. I cann’t jog for more than 5 minutes. Cycling is still a nightmare to me. But something I know is now I can wear high heel again. Right now, I’m still not a big fan of sport, gym, or exercise. However, I know I need it to stay healhty.

That’s all about my physical condition.

Honestly, I still have another issue in different area. My faith.

With a very demanding job and too little energy left after work, I always the importance of having a private time with Jesus. I thought it’s enough that I’ve prayed in the morning and night. It’s enough for one verse bible reading a day. It’s enough if I go to church every Sunday. I live by example and rule in the bible without understanding it. I tought by doing all of that, my faith issues is OK.

On the contrary it is not !!!

I actually leads an empty Christian life. I prefer TV, movie, books that private moment with Jesus. I prefer novel than bible. I prefer gossiping than pray. I’ve ever thought about God’s word seriously. I don’t train myself well for being a Christian.

I’m likes a runner who will be out of my breath before reaching the finish line. I don’t want to be left behind. I want to reach the finish line. Hence I need to exercise more and frequently. I need to change my empty Christian life.

My advice, if you are just like me, assuming that your christian life is enough, thought about it seriously. Don’t fall to the false assuring thought. Always exercise. You don’t want to be out of your breath before you reach the finish line.

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7 (King James Version)


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