The Denial of Jesus

Everyone who read the bible must be familiar with Simon Peter.

He is a fisherman. However, he is famous for being one of the 12 apostles of Jesus that often been named in the Gospel.

He has an extraordinary life.

He receive the original teaching of Jesus directly.

He can walk on the water though only for a few step (Mat 14: 28 -31).

He is the first disciple who declares that Jesus is the Messiah (Mat 16:16).

He has witnessed so many of Jesus miracles.

His mother in law is one of the miracle.

He was there when Jesus fed 5000 men (Luke 9:10-17).

He was there when Jesus met with Elijah and Moses, two of the greatest prophet. (Mat 17:1-13).

He was in the Gethsemane to accompany Jesus before He was arrested.

He was quick to defend Jesus (John 18:10).

However, he made a mistake once and its written in the Gospel for all the generation to read and to learn from it.

Simon Peter mistake is he had denied Jesus not only once but three times. It happened not long after Jesus was arrested. In addition, it also happened not long after Jesus had warned him about the denial (Luke 22:34).

However, it didn’t take long for Simon Peter to realize his mistake and repent. After that he become one of the greatest of Jesus disciples. He work tireless to spread Jesus teaching.

Now, the question is left for us.

How many times do we have denied Jesus? Do we realize it and repent?

Maybe some of us will say, “I’ve ever denied my faith. My country is so understanding about my faith.”


Maybe we’ve ever denied our faith because there’s nothing to be afraid of in the country that we lived. We are very blessed for that.

However, there are times when we denied Jesus in our daily live. They are …

when we commit adultery

when we let alcohol control our live

when we let gamble control our live

when we curse

when we let pornography control our live

when we let sex control our live

when we gossip

when we worship money

when we hate other

when we become addicted to drugs

and many other when ….

Can we realize the denial just like Simon Peter and repent?


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