Why I Ended Up with 3 mobiles and 3 numbers

I’m introvert when it comes to phone and SMS. I don’t use it much. However, I have 3 mobiles now and I still don’t have a clue how to utilize them all without makes somebody feel dissapointed.

It started a couple of years ago, my little sister bought me a number that is easy to remember. Afterward I have two numbers. One I is my main number, and the other one is for sending my daily verse to my love ones.

Then about a year ago, my mom give me her mobile and her number. I have to maintain the number because it is a beautiful number. Hence I have 2 mobiles and 3 numbers.

Yesterday, my big sister decided, my mobile is out of date and she gave me a black berry. Now I have 3 mobiles and 3 numbers.

Till now, I don’t know how to use them all, but I know it was love that makes me have 3 mobiles and 3 numbers.

Thanks God for the family I have.


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