At lunch with consultants from Dublin and Brisbane(All male)

Girl A            : So when do you wear that traditional skirt?

Consultant A : Skirt ??
Girl A            : the guy that wearing skirt

Me                 : (want to hide under the table).

Consultant A : ThatScotland. Called Kilt.


Girl B            : You live inBrisbane. Do you have white Christmas often?

Me                 : (start to dig a hole)

Consultant B : No, we never have white Christmas. It’s summer in December.


Girl C            : We’reIndonesia, especially Java people like sweet food and drinks.

Consultant C : It’s ok. It’s not that sweet.

Girl C            : Maybe because you sit across a sweet lady so don’t taste that as sweet anymore.

Me                 : (please forgive her)


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